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  :: Profile

DPME was founded in 1995 as a company providing design, technical assistance and project management, specialized in Architecture, Electromechanical systems and infrastructure works. We have provided consulting services to the public and private sectors for hundreds of projects successfully and efficiently.

DPME is a leading firm of designers, engineers, and engineering consultants providing a diverse range of professional services to clients around the Middle East and Africa. We have almost 200 staff members working in 5 offices in 4 countries. At any time, we have over 40 projects running concurrently.

DPME services cover all stages of project’s work plan, from the project technical study, through the engineering, construction supervision & management, commissioning, operation & maintenance, helping our clients to reach their full business potential.

DPME has a strong competitive advantage that leverages it from most of the other engineering consulting firms in the region. This advantage is the strong presence and dependence of DPME on Management and Internal development processes.

DPME has well established IT department that not only monitors the project management process for all of its active projects, but it also offers IT software and solutions that monitor, control, and organize all types of engineering service related projects.




:: Philosophy

DPME philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction. Our philosophy aims to build a profitable and growth oriented firm by delivering our clients the highest quality services, performance and control over cost and time to meet their expectations. To further enforce our customer oriented philosophy we selected the terms "Trust, Creation, and Challenge" as the core of our corporate philosophy



:: Ambitious


It is worth mentioning that one of DPME main strategic goals is to achieve both horizontal and vertical growth. In a few years.

DPME has managed to dramatically expand its branch in Egypt, and further more it was able to establish two more branches in Saudi Arabia, as well as a branch in Qatar.

DPME is in the process of establishing its fifth branch in the United Arab Emirates & Morocco this year to fulfill a trend of establishing a new office every year.





:: Civil Society Participation

We are committed to set a new standard of excellence in engineering services and techniques, hoping that this would contribute to a better quality of life and an improved social level for our community.



:: Staff


We believe that our staff is the source of our strength, that is why we have carefully selected our staff to ensure that each and every individual would bring wealth of knowledge and experience to every project DPME is involved in.

The experience of our staff spans a wide array of projects in design, technical assistance and project management. Collectively our staff project experience includes infrastructural, electrical and mechanical engineering. And to be consistent with our company philosophy, we ensure that our staff responds with extra efforts in addressing our customers needs.

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